Stéphane Bensoussan, B.Sc., M.A.

Health & Educational Psychologist

Founder, Director of Clinique PsySanté,

Stéphane uses his 26 years of clinical psychology experience, his keen intuition, and his extensive knowledge base to support you and your family. He has developed an expertise in helping people cope with cancer, overcoming chronic pain, and losing weight. Stéphane uses an integrative approach, using a number of clinically effective tools including relaxation techniques, imagery, hypnosis, mindfulness meditation, and emotional healing.

The benefit to you is that you get results fast.

Although each individual case is unique, you will most likely notice an improvement in your situation after 3- 5 sessions. With compassion, he will accompany you on your healing journey in calming  your mind and balancing your body. If you are ready to change, Stéphane can help you take the first step and guide you throughout.

Stéphane enjoys an active lifestyle playing tennis, soccer and practicing yoga. He loves to create and challenge himself and others in his life!


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As the founder and director of Clinique PsySanté, Stéphane is a pioneer and a strong advocate in the field of complementary health. He believes that we all go out of balance from time to time, and that there are many integrative methods to quickly and gently bring you back into balance. This is why he has selected the very best practitioners in their respective fields to serve you best. You will see that the PsySanté team is comprised of dedicated professionals who work with their heart.

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