Specialty Programs

Manage Your Stress & Anxiety

Discover the cause of your anxiety, learn how to relax your mind and develop practical coping tools. Work through your fears and calm your body!

Mindfulness Meditation

Bring this ancient practice to your everyday life and discover how the present moment is the key to finding your inner peace.

Regain Your Life Balance

Work through your feelings, develop life coping skills, and don’t let life changes get you down.

Empower Your Child

Give your kids the tools they need to cope with their emotions, communicate their needs and assert themselves. Give them the power to reach their potential!

Assessment for ADD / ADHD

Are you or your child having trouble sustaining attention? Getting distracted too easily? Find out if you have ADHD and what to do about it.

Discover Your Emotional Intelligence

Discover the role that your emotions play in your life and how they influence your decision making process. Become skilled at using your feelings with grace. 

Personal Growth

We have a human need to connect and understand why things happen the way they do. Find out what you can do to find your purpose, and be aligned with your values.

Beat Your Eating Disorder

Overcome your fears of weight gain and preoccupations with weight loss. Learn to employ a healthier lifestyle through an integrative approach!

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