Personal Growth


  • Do you feel alone in dealing with your struggles in life?
  • Do you feel an inner unease or “heaviness”?
  • Are you wondering why you often feeling victimized?
  • Do you feel stuck, overwhelmed, or discouraged by things you wish you could change about yourself or your life?
  • Do you dream of feeling more peaceful and having a simpler life?

At Clinique PsySanté, we believe that your emotional and physical health are inter-related! Many of our practitioners are skilled in helping you make sense of why bad things sometimes happen and how to turn them into advantages. We can give you the tools to develop the faith you need to overcome life challenges. Through discussion, guided meditations, and self-discovery, you begin to cultivate the skills needed to help you navigate life changes, figure out what your true purpose is and develop a heightened awareness.

We offer individual consultations and group classes.

Come discover the freedom of living life lightly!

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