Manage Your Stress and Anxiety

  • Are you overworked?
  • Do you feel like you don’t have enough time during the day?
  • Is your anxiety keeping you from doing what you want to do?
  • Are you tired from being anxious all the time?
  • Are you worried to have another panic attack?
  • Do you have a specific fear or phobia?

At Clinique PsySanté, we specialize in helping adults, teens and children who are suffering from anxiety.  Our psychologists are trained to teach you effective coping skills to help you reduce your stress, gain control of your anxiety and fears. The tools are effective, easy to learn and put into practice.

Using an integrative approach, you will receive a customized treatment plan that will support you in the most efficient and sustaining way. Right at the first session we will help you understand the source of your anxious symptoms and help you find the solutions that will get you feeling better.

We use an assortment of scientifically proven tools and treatments.

Some of our interventions include:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Applied Relaxation Training
  • Breathing Retraining
  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Mental Imagery
  • Clinical Hypnosis

Make the decision to take control of your anxiety today!

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