Helping Kids Cope with Uncertainty

Uncertainty is a concept that adults are all too familiar with. Although we understand that it is inevitable in life, children often do not. A child unable to cope with life’s uncertainties may feel unnecessary fear, anxiety and stress. During this pandemic, you and your child are most likely dealing with this new uncertainty and it could be tough to help them cope properly. We’ve provided you with some tips to helping them deal with and overcome uncertainty:

  1. Acknowledge the fact that uncertainty is normal and part of life: It is something we cannot avoid and will experience all the time.
  2. Predict the uncertainty: Go through uncertain or anxiety-provoking situations with your child when they present a fear and outline the possible scenarios with the suitable solutions.
  3. Share your own experiences: tell your children what you went through. This will help them feel like they aren’t alone and provides a good example of you overcoming your own uncertainties.
  4. Provide praise & positivity: make sure to praise your child and acknowledge the fact that they were able to tolerate an uncertain situation (even if the outcome was unsuccessful). Keep a positive attitude while they are struggling to keep them distracted from their self-negative talk.
  5. Verbalize & Validate: allow your child to tell you what it is that makes them feel this way; what are their fears? Validate these emotions and let them know it is normal to feel this way.
  6. Remind them of their victories: show them that they were able to overcome an obstacle in the past so there is no reason they can’t try now. This will provide them with a boost in confidence!
  7. Be an example: show them that you are confident and in control when faced with uncertainty. Kids notice everything (even the subtle behavior cues)!
  8. Limit media exposure: media contains mainly negative and sometimes scary news. Limit the use of media platforms (e.g. avoiding it 1 hour prior to bedtime)

 PsySanté is here to help you and your child implement these tips into your lives! We are practicing social distancing and are offering teletherapy sessions using online web conferencing applications. You are not expected to do this alone and we are here guide you in the right direction. To book an appointment, please call at (514)-542-6888 (leave us a quick message and we will call you back as we are working remotely) or email us at i