Post-Vacation Stress

Monica Younan B.A., Psychology Intern

August 16th, 2019

Taking some time off work is highly encouraged. Whether it be going away for a couple of days or organizing a longer stay abroad, a vacation is often needed to calm your body and your mind. This allows you to recharge and have a clearer and more peaceful outlook on life. While returning back to everyday routine is inevitable, it can nevertheless feel dreadful. Fortunately, there are certain tips that can make that transition easier.

Firstly, it is highly recommended to properly clean out your workspace prior to going away. You may be eager to leave everything behind and escape. However, instead of coming back to a messy space, which will most likely leave you feeling discouraged and unmotivated, you can rather come back to a clean and organized workspace which can actually leave you feeling excited to get back to work. Moreover, you may want to try and come back from your vacation a couple of days prior to your official return back to work. Having a day or two to organize yourself before returning to work can help you process the transition more easily and get into the groove of things. Ideally, you may want to create a to-do-list for yourself during this time, which will allow you to plan out your tasks in a way that could hopefully make things feel less overwhelming. Furthermore, taking things slow at first is recommended. While diving back into your workload in full force is impressive, you may end up feeling stressed out way too quickly. Therefore, starting slow can allow you the chance to gradually prepare yourself for what is about to come. Finally, being back from vacation does not necessarily mean that the fun needs to come to an end. It is important to try and switch around your routine a little bit to squeeze in time some time for leisure. Otherwise, you may find yourself feeling stressed out again and on the edge of a burnout.

Needless to say, a vacation is a wonderful way to relieve some stress and attain a peaceful state of mind. However, it is definitely not the only way to do so, especially if you find yourself unable to afford a vacation. There are in fact endless ways to relieve your negative emotions and feel peaceful and joyful again. With the help of our licensed professionals here at Clinique PsySante, you can certainly achieve this.