Discover Your Emotional Intelligence

  • Do you wonder why you get passed up for promotions at work?
  • Are you having difficulty with your relationships?
  • Do you tend to freeze when you are stressed?
  • Are you often impulsive in your decision making?
  • Do your emotions prevent you from being an effective leader?

It is now recognized that your abilities to process emotions and handle yourself well in social situations are more important to your success in life than your IQ.  At Clinique PsySanté we understand what it takes to reach your goals, improve your relationships and self-actualize.

The process begins with evaluating your emotional intelligence via a standardized and scientifically validated online test that you can do from your home computer. Then, with the results in hand, we analyze them and create a detailed strategic plan to help you boost your emotional quotient (EQ). We follow up by teaching you the necessary coping skills you need to thrive!

Here are some benefits you can expect by improving your emotional intelligence:

  • Improve your ability to understand others
  • Enhance your communication skills
  • Manage your stress more effectively
  • Handle emotions with grace
  • Become an effective leader
  • Develop resourcefulness
  • Learn how to negotiate with difficult people
  • Get your way in life by being an effective mediator

We offer individual and couple consultations, and group workshops. Come experience the PsySanté Approach!

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